Allegory of the Cave (Part II)

Thanawat Numcharoen, Pichaya Khunnawat, and Wanapol Saenkham


16 Feb - 30 Mar 2024

The Art Centre Silpakorn University is pleased to present our upcoming exhibition!

Allegory of the Cave presents a series of paintings that traverse through different eras, moving, splitting off and changing in each dimension of the development of Thai modern art. What appears in this exhibition is a shaker of aesthetics that change like dimming light passing through the cave of time until they become a dominant art form of an era. The exhibition Part I featured paintings from different eras, presented together in order to create significant dialogues that reveal fractures in the development of art through time.

In Allegory of the Cave (Part II) features the works of Thanawat Numcharoen, Pichaya Khunnawat, and Wanapol Saenkham that split out and expand like erupted lava, revealing the changing aesthetics from one era to another. This exhibition is like the episode extension of the contemporary dialogues that centres on the departure from the dark cave towards the new light of an era filled with the changing tide of time.

Artists - Thanawat Numcharoen, Pichaya Khunnawat and Wanapol Saenkham
Curated by Kritsada Duchsadeevanich

The exhibition will be on view from 16 February to 30 March 2024.
Mon - Sat 9 am to 6 pm (closed on Sundays and public holidays)

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