Portraits of “ÁO DÀI” - Hope for Peace and Love

Chiron Duong


18 Nov 2023 - 7 Jan 2024

Even though the world is becoming increasingly globalized, with Western nations at the forefront of cultural influence, artists continue to create works that reflect their unique cultural identities. This is evident in the photography series "Portraits of Áo Dài - Hope for Peace and Love" by the award-winning Vietnamese fashion photographer Chiron Duong.

Duong became aware of his Vietnamese identity when he was asked while receiving a photographic award in France whether traditional Vietnamese culture influenced his work. He realized that no matter how much he was influenced by Western culture, he could never escape his Vietnamese roots. This realization was sparked by a simple meal of Vietnamese food, which reminded him of the flavors and culture of his home country; the 365-day project of Áo Dài has begun after that.

Duong's photography series captures the essence of the Áo Dài, the iconic national dress of Vietnamese women. It also reflects his childhood memories of seeing his grandmother and mother wearing the dress, which they always looked elegant and proud. These memories and experiences were hidden in Duong's subconscious, but they ultimately inspired him to create photography that is both authentic and unique.

Duong also wanted to use his photography to convey a message of hope and peace to people around the world. The images in "Portraits of Áo Dài - Hope for Peace and Love" represent a new era for Vietnam, one that is free from war and filled with hope, peace, and love that spreads like the seeds of colorful flowers, drifting far into the air until they cover the world.

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