Bangkok Reflection

Samatcha Apaisuwan


27 Jan - 4 Feb 2024

From a familiar street to a diverse perspective photograph “Bangkok Reflection” is a photo exhibition by Samatcha Apaisuwan. A former agency photographer turned freelancer, specialized in street style and documentaries, he has roamed the streets of Bangkok around Charornkrung, Talad-noi, Siam, China town and Pak-Klong-Talad since 2020 for this exhibition. His unique technique, devoid of any computer editing programs, allows viewers to authentically reflect on open conversations and ideas about the vibrant spirit of sleepless Bangkok through his solo exhibition, as a part of Bangkok Design Week 2024.

The selection of each photo in this exhibition captures the artist’s humor and observant characteristic, seeking uncommon scenery and composition, to create a different dimension and perspective from the familiar, resulting in an experimental body of work with mysterious and fascinating photos.

“I often see things through the reflection of mirrors, windows, or materials combining opposite angles to view both sides of perspectives and differences angles within a single frame. These ideas led to my experiment of bringing mirror-like plastic into the frame, allowing me to composite different pictures together within a frame without the need of photo editing and giving me the joy of seeing the actual result at its capturing moment.”

“I enjoyed and felt very happy with this set of photos. Every photo in this exhibition was created from my sense of joy and the urge to experiment, which I call “Reflection.”  It reflects my curiosity to try how perspectives can shift, combined with the ProPhoto RGB profile for coloring and the Fine Art Printing process handled by Goon Studio. I hope that people who see my work can resonate with something inside themselves through this exhibition, “Bangkok Reflection.”

 “Bangkok Reflection: สะท้อนกรุง”  2 Floor, C43 : Fashion and Inspiration Space at  Charoen43 Art and Eatery 27 Jan-4 Feb, 2024

More Information  https://www.facebook.com/samatchaphoto and www.samatchaapaisuwan.com  IG : samatchaphoto and  www.facebook.com/charoen43 

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