Basement in Your Soul



18 Jan - 3 Mar 2024

River City Bangkok proudly presents “Basement in Your Soul”, the inaugural solo exhibition by FAHFAHS, an incredibly talented artist. Prepare to embark on a journey into the underground chambers of the psyche, forging new relationships with memories, delving into uncharted darkness, seeking lost light, and illuminating it all together.

This exhibition by FAHFAHS draws a parallel between the intricate emotions of humanity and a grand mission. From the outside, it may gleam with bright, sunny hues, yet within lies a tapestry of small, diverse, and complex chambers. Some rooms may overflow with serene joy, while others remain fragile, ready to crumble at any moment.

And there might be some rooms… tucked away in depths beyond our grasp… darkener and chillier than any warmth a glimmer of light could ever penetrate.

This “Basement in Your Soul” exhibition will guide you step by step down the stairs to explore these tiny chambers within the soul. Through the tales of ‘Midnight’, a girl filled with scars and a love for embracing darkness, and ‘Sunshine’, a girl seeking and radiating light.

Their battles birth both joy and sorrow, pain and scars, but simultaneously, they offer lessons that foster learning and growth.

Thus, venture in to explore the depths of darkness, slowly seek out the glimmers of light, and illuminate together, step by step.

information provided by event organizer