Munins (Munin Saiprasart)


2 Feb - 10 Mar 2024

River City Bangkok proudly presents a pivotal solo exhibition by Munins, an artist whose intricate lines are imbued with a wealth of emotions, acknowledged in the realm of drawing for over a decade. This extraordinary showcase invites viewers to explore a moment that emerges fleetingly, a blurred perspective that lingers just beyond the blink of an eye. It resides in the subtle nuances of vision, yet remains eternally embedded in the tapestry of memory.

“Blackout” signifies a state of semi-sleep, half-awake, commonly known as the ‘cut-off’ – a moment where time seems to stand still, leaving only darkness, emptiness, and a profound silence. It’s a realm where the loudest sound might be the wailing of one’s own thoughts. In this abyss, a multitude of emotions and a million memories, once lost in the complexities of life’s journey, resurface with newfound clarity. Revelations emerge, exposing the vibrant spectrum of experiences – from joyous recollections and wild exuberance to fearful tremors, moments of profound boredom, and even the agonizing memories that threaten to unravel us each time they resurface.

Sometimes, when we awaken from the abyss, and the light pays another visit, we can’t help but wonder: where exactly do those submerged memories hide during the blackout?

In this exhibition, Munins draws a parallel between the Blackout phase and the delicate moments that unfold in our lives. These include times of losing loved ones, moments of profound solitude, instances of physical and emotional vulnerability, encounters with seemingly insurmountable challenges, and the endeavor to navigate through these states with hope and resilience. Munins weaves a meaningful narrative, translating her life experiences into a diverse array of human illustrations, each swirling within the vortex of emotions, yet surprisingly connected by the peculiar commonality of donning both ‘socks’ and ‘gloves’ – representing the permission to bravely touch upon certain emotions or even shield oneself from the storms of emotions during challenging moments.

Munins has meticulously arranged these 46 images into a captivating narrative divided across four zones of the exhibition:

Grayout: Fading of Vision – layered images, blurred perspectives, monochrome portrayals.

Blackout: Unconsciousness – images encapsulating the essence of the ‘cut-off’ moment.

Brownout: Loss of Motivation – images with a tinge of desaturation, memories rekindled through stimulation.

REM: Dreams – play of light, hope, and the vibrancy of life

This exhibition not only marks a significant milestone for Munins, but also stands as her inaugural solo exhibition featuring an entire collection of acrylic paintings. It’s the first time Munins has ventured into creating larger-than-life canvases exceeding 4 meters, showcasing her artistic prowess in a grand scale. Moreover, it introduces Munins’ foray into the realm of animation, unveiling the vulnerability of humanity symbolized by the enigmatic presence of these worn ‘gloves’.

In the midst of the profound darkness, Munins strongly believes that amid the shadows of vulnerability, there may, in fact, be other hues for us to discern. All it takes is for us to embrace and acknowledge every emotion that arises within, to touch upon every unfolding story with subsequent understanding. To welcome, to accept, and to exalt it with greater reverence than ever before.

Dwell in the darkness for a while, and you might perceive something clearer.

information provided by event organizer