Bring to Light

Chloé Kelly Miller


11 Jul - 11 Aug 2024

River City Bangkok and MozArt Advisory are ecstatic to announce the arrival of the enigmatic Chloé Kelly Miller in Thailand with her spellbinding exhibition, "Bring to Light". Fresh off the heels of her acclaimed showcase, "Sublimation," at the prestigious Carrousel du Louvre (Paris, France), Chloe is ready to ignite the Asian art scene in Bangkok, Thailand, setting her sights on River City Bangkok for her next grand adventure.

Chloé Kelly Miller, equipped with a degree in psychology, being hard of hearing and not fitting into the societal norms for a woman in European society, has turned her differences into strengths.

Light, a complex subject rich in meanings, varies in its definition from one discipline to another. For this exhibition, we envision light in a simple manner: as a force emitted by natural sources such as the sun or stars. In the field of visual arts, it manifests through the arrangement of colors, ranging from the darkest to the lightest, thereby creating depth and perspective. This dimension of light is fundamental in art and is at the heart of our exploration in Bangkok.

The exhibition "Bring to Light" explores the dynamic relationship between the artist and light, where the artist uses it to shape their works through different forms and shades. The way each artist captures and incorporates light into their work reveals the cultural diversity of art. Indeed, artistic expression is deeply rooted in the traditions and codes of each culture, making art a powerful reflection of societal identity. Thus, "Bring to light" aims to explore light as a source and medium of creation, offering a reflection on its impact in the artistic process.

Delving deep into her French roots and cultural heritage, Chloé embarks on a journey through the Enlightenment era, exploring the multifaceted concept of light. From its mystical allure to its symbolic significance, light takes center stage in Chloé’s exploration, transcending disciplines and definitions. In her artistic vision, light becomes not just a physical phenomenon but a profound force that shapes perception and reality.

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