Yoshiki Hase


18 Nov 2023 - 7 Jan 2024

Although I use photography to express myself, I have always been drawn to sculpture and painting more than photography. In sculpture, I feel that looking at the human figure in particular has brought me peace and an astounding inspiration. In this series, which I began to conceive in 2020, I brought my tools into nature to temporarily create my own “landscape with a statue.”

Statues are not natural objects, nor do they perfectly shape the human figure, but they seem to bring “life” to their surroundings and to the landscape, even if they are incomplete, lacking a head or a body part.

Humans try to control nature as if it were their own, but at the same time, it is humans who find something divine in that same nature and seek a spiritual belonging to it. Human actions are full of contradictions.

By photographing this fictional landscape, I feel as if I am trying to peek a little into a time when humans were able to maintain their serenity and dignity, and at the same time, were not so arrogant as life.

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