Earth of Gold

Jean-Paul Decroix


13 Jan - 11 Feb 2024

Supples is proud to present Earth of Gold, a solo exhibition by Belgian born artist, Jean-Paul Decroix, on view from 13th January until 11th February 2024.

Earth of Gold is an immersive exhibition into the timeless allure of gold through the works of Jean-Paul Decroix. In this captivating solo show, the artist delves into the multifaceted nature of gold pigment, crafting organic, earth-like layers on his canvases that shimmer and transform with the play of light.

The ever-changing essence of gold, something that has adorned sacred and historically significant items throughout the ages, becomes a conduit for Decroix's exploration. From the godly to the profane, gold has been a material over which humanity has fought for millennia, and its importance is deeply embedded in our collective history.

This exhibition unravels the threads of gold’s sustained importance, and provides a glimpse into the rich tapestry of human connection to this precious hue.

Earth of Gold is a testament to Decroix's artistic evolution and the culmination of a life richly lived in the pursuit of creative expression.

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