10 Mar - 28 Apr 2024

"In Fiction, We Trust"

The solo exhibition by AITOY and the epic series of artwork which is a language for communication, questioning, discussion, investigation, and difference. Beliefs and needs for the existence of faith organizations. The artist refers to the trappings of fiction to the remains of objects left in space by humans after exploring the truth of the universe. Beliefs and creations were created by humans to elevate humanity's intelligence beyond instinct and understanding.

Man-made objects are left behind in space when they are decommissioned. Innovation debris used to unlock the secrets of the universe. When duty ended it became a floating piece of debris outside the world. When it had to rely on gravity to suck it back in, it was burned up by the atmosphere until there was nothing left before it hit the ground. Going up to clean up seems like a waste. So it had to be left like that.

However, humans do not just use science as a tool to find the truth of the universe. Belief systems that have been created over thousands of years that produce endless fragments of fibers wrapped in the philosophy of life. The further the development of civilization, the more It seems more and more redundant and obscures the real goal. When the elements are faith that arises from fear, desire, suffering, and hope, man must submit to the power of imagination. The power that determines behavior uses morality as a measure of value, worship goodness, and take a tough stance to comfort the weak heart. Hoping only to hold onto this sliver of heaven on the day I take my last breath.

Artist Statement

“... Drawing has always been my way to communicate. Making friends, Impressing girls, and eventually - putting food on the table. But more than a craft that I utilized to create a way of living. Drawing is the tool I use to find a way of believing. I come from a Buddhist family. Educated in a Catholic school that resides in an Islamic neighborhood. I grew up surrounded by very different belief systems. The only commonality was their man-made origin - each with a fictitious truth crafted by different cultures from different points in time of the infinite span of history.

What is the right truth when every truth is crafted from fiction?

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