Phalaph Danjittring and Pyae Phyo Thant Nyo


21 Jun - 21 Jul 2024

"GROUND" delves into the intricate relationship between change and decay, both in living beings and man-made artifacts. The exhibition signifies a deep exploration and observation of these elements. Phalaph Danjittrong and Pyae Phyo Thant Nyo's work captures the essence of life's fleeting moments and the transformation of objects over time.

At the heart of each sculpture radiates a vivid energy, a crimson glow that emanates from the very core of each creation. This evocative red, mirroring the lifeblood coursing through veins, serves as a potent symbol of the artist's exploration of life's essence.

Phalaph Danjittring and Pyae Phyo Thant Nyo's sculptures embody the inherent struggles and triumphs of existence. The vibrant red glow pulsates with the resilience required to navigate life's challenges, even as the materials themselves succumb to the passage of time. This interplay of vibrancy and decay serves as a powerful metaphor for the unyielding essence of living beings.

"When my voice fades, let your heart sing in the echoes of our shared moments," says Pyae Phyo Thant Nyo, encapsulating the essence of "GROUND."

Visitors are invited to experience "GROUND" and immerse themselves in the profound reflections on life and its transient beauty.

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