HOMO URBANUS - A Citymatographic Odyssey

Bêka & Lemoine


5 - 15 Nov 2023

The unconventional cinematic pieces that result reveal how even a simple gesture can spark wonder and hint at the silent rules that govern our societies. Shot with sensorial vitality and unusual proximity, these films question how the built environment affects human behavior by framing, ordering, and directing the way we collectively make use of space in the city.

Sensitive and sharp observers, Bêka & Lemoine devote particular attention to moments of vulnerability, exposing fragilities and tensions, as well as our remarkable ability to adapt to an environment in which power, efficiency, and competitiveness are increasingly dominant values. The program accompanying the exhibition investigates this aspect further by exploring different degrees of freedom in public space.

HOMO URBANUS. A CITYMATOGRAPHIC ODYSSEY By Bêka & Lemoine The Exhibition is a part of Galleries' Nights 2023.

Galleries' Nights 2023: https://www.facebook.com/sawasdeefrance

For this special occasion, the exhibition is organized by the Jim Thompson Art Center in collaboration with the French Embassy to Thailand for the 10th edition of the Galleries' Night 2023. The exhibition is comprised of seven selected films, representing a global landscape to be navigated, through the dynamics and movement of humanity, as a citizen of the world.

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