I am Home

COLLAGECANTO (Wannaprapa Tungkasmith)


12 Jan - 24 Feb 2024

La Lanta Fine Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by COLLAGECANTO, a female Thai artist who transforms paper into a work of art from her imagination.  I am Home exhibition is the exploration and the interpretation of the architecture of the house and the relationship between a human and their home. 

The creation of the work began with COLLAGECANTO analyzing her own conditions as a freelance artist who creates art in her house, thus, work and personal life are merged into one.  The artist reflects the way of life that many of today's generation becomes more associated with their home.  The pandemic forced people's lives to be inextricably linked with their homes.  The resulting exhibition consists of a collection of paper art that tells the story of people's relationship with their home through various perspectives.  It's like the words I am Home that can be translated into many meanings from different contexts.

The works in the I am Home exhibition are made from a combination of paper cutting and collage that the artist has accumulated over a long period of time.  She also develops a new technique that comes from the reinterpretation of the previous method, that is to use thin paper threads like yarn.  The paper yarn is knitted to create a woven artwork before being shaped to the desired form with connection to the concept of home.

To the artist, paper cutting is a craft that is labor intensive and painstakingly demanding while paper knitting serves as a good break to rest the finger muscles.  It is a paradox to the activities and emotions that go back and forth as we go about routine activities in our home life.

I am Home consists of five main body of works: Layers of Home, Windows Calendar, Lacyscape, The Fern Collection and The Roots House.

“Layers of Home”: The artist interprets the home to which she is attached as a living family member. From this idea, she creates three-dimensional house-shaped sculptures of various sizes using paper cutting and knitting techniques. They are installed in order of height in the style of Russian Dolls (Matryoshka Dolls). Each house has visual elements of the ferns and flowers planted around her house blended into part of the architectural shape. Each house represents a different aspect of home life from work to recreational activities. The largest sculpture in this series invites the viewer to explore every inch of details both inside and outside.

“Windows Calendar”: This is a series of 12 artworks based on the number of months in a year. Inspired by looking at the garden through her window, she observes that trees, ferns, birds and animals in the garden have dynamic energy that changes from month to month. The window frame is made from intersecting knitting needles that are used as a tool for creating the piece. Both knitting needles and knitted paper give a warm feeling of being at home.

“Lacyscape”: Inspired by the fabric in the collection of her mother, the artist presents paper-cut artwork in a lace pattern. She collages the hand cut paper laces to landscape images, reflecting her recollection of overseas travels. There is a slight hint of homesickness in the work. It can be said that we always carry memories of home and childhood with us wherever we are in the world.

“The Fern Collection”: Ferns of many varieties, small and large, can be found in various corners of her home’s garden. It is a species of plant that she feels attached to since childhood. It always fed her imagination. She sometimes ponders “Would a bird carry something from far away and leave it in my garden?” In this series, the artist has cut out the shapes of ferns and connected them to various shapes of objects using ‘doodle’ lines that we all drew as a child. The Fern Collection is a record of the artist's time while relaxing at home - watching the fern garden through the window and at times walking into the ferns to closely examine each fern one by one.

“The Roots House”: Presenting another aspect in the concept of home, the artist creates a house-shaped sculpture in the style of Macramé, an ancient household decoration art that dates back to the Babylonian era (1900 BC). The process is to knit several thin long lines of paper to create a sculptural form and then assembling it with knitting needles to represent the roof of a house. The loose paper lines at the base of the sculpture mimic the art of tying macramé ropes. These lines portray that the house has roots reaching down like a large tree roots in the garden. We humans all have physical and emotional bonds to our place as if we ourselves are the house.

The I am Home exhibition invites all viewers to explore and share experiences of life connected to home both in their childhood and now.  It is an opportunity to reconsider the meaning of home as it is a living family member.  Perhaps we can give breath and soul to a stoic home so it can become lively again.

As part of the exhibition, the gallery offers a workshop that enhances the participation of gallery viewers 

“Paper cutting Workshop” conducted by COLLAGECANTO.

The participants will learn how to create the artwork using the cutting technique of paper.

Saturday 27, January 2024
2 - 4 PM (8 People per session)

Price: 3,800 Baht per person (inclusive of materials)

“I am Home” exhibition will be on display at La Lanta Fine Art from January 12 to February 24, 2024.

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