Jamsan's Director's Cut



22 Jun - 21 Jul 2024

A Journey of Inspiration:  Inspired from Film to Canvas. 
Through the exhibition of  "Jamsan's Director's Cut"

Jamsan's art debutante in Thailand! The art exhibition showcases the works of "Jamsan," a renowned South Korean artist recognized for his illustrations in popular Korean series. The exhibition incorporates a diverse range of art forms including Fine art, Conceptual art and Illustration.

Maison JE Bangkok hosts Jamsan's exclusive exhibition, "Jamsan's Director's Cut."  From its beginnings to the present day, art enthusiasts will be able to trace Jamsan's complex artistic journey through this exhibition.

Art lovers with a deep appreciation for South Korean art will not want to miss this intriguing exhibition.  Jamsan's paintings not only showcase his artistic abilities, but also feature profound stories and meanings.

The first-floor display features 25 contemporary artpieces including the inaugural collection, "Red Chair," and "Rose from the Stars." This zone's artworks are presented in a novel way, telling the story of a girl's adventures with a red bear and their inseparable bond.

These pieces showcase vibrant color contrasts and one-of-a-kind canvas compositions that draw the eye in ways never seen before in Jamsan's art. The show will also mark the debut of Jamsan's first art toys, which were produced in collaboration with Maison JE Bangkok.

The second-floor exhibition showcases digital paintings and concept art from the Korean series "It's OK to Not Be OK" and "Encounter (Boyfriend)," highlighting outstanding illustration art displayed first time in Thailand. 

Jamsan's unique art book will be on show at the event and available for purchase as souvenirs. The book is a record of Jamsan's artistic journey, documenting his thoughts and masterpieces found nowhere else save here.

Explore Jamsan's creative journey and dive into his magnum opus, which reflects his development as a dynamic artist while also capturing the inspiration and creativity that drives each of his works.

The exhibition "Jamsan's Director's Cut" will be on display from 22 June – 21 July 2024 from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. at Maison JE Bangkok.

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