Journey of the Rock

White Wall (Chanin Lertphoompanya)


15 Jan - 15 Feb 2024

Welcome to the small world of White Wall, where each step leads you into a journey of rocks brimming with myriad tales of life and the unique experiences of the artist behind these brass masterpieces, each one distinctly unparalleled.

“Rocks may not seem extraordinary,
but when gathered, they transform into mountains.
And when they ascend to the skies, they become stars.”

“Journey of the Rock” is akin to Chanin Lertphoompanya’s journey of wisdom, encountering diverse experiences that transform the seemingly ordinary rock, viewed by many as mundane, into a treasure of inherent value and individuality.

Traveling back to childhood, Chanin’s artistry blossomed through assisting his father in sculpting Buddha statues from beeswax, a preliminary step before casting them in brass. He absorbed techniques unknowingly through experiential learning, crafting pieces with Thai motifs, evolving them into golden artworks more contemporary and free-spirited. Having no rigid guidelines constrained his artistry, Chanin emphasized imagination and the inherent essence, infusing these creations with a captivating charm that was uniquely their own.

For a decade, White Wall has conveyed the essence of nature through brass artworks. Chanin believes that every experience in life and the surrounding nature can serve as inspirational forces, enabling the creation of meaningful art pieces. Thus, each creation by White Wall brims with significance and possesses a distinctive identity, unlike any other, resonating with the richness of their shared experiences and the allure of nature.

Amidst the realm of White Wall lies a clandestine masterpiece, an enigma unraveled only by the moon’s tender glow. It stands as the artist’s elusive creation, inaugural and solitary work, birthed in the absence of all light save for the moon’s ethereal glow. Crafted with intent to transmute memories, emotions, and unadulterated sensations into art, so profound that even the artist beholds their creation with newfound clarity. This extraordinary piece, borne of a meticulous casting process, now emerges polished and primed for a unique auction. Within the enigmatic obsidian box nested within the exhibition hall, lies your portal to bid, to weave your narrative alongside this celestial canvas. Delve close, for as the exhibition draws to close, the auction crescendos, inviting your bid to script its final chapter.

Yet, there’s more to behold beyond this ethereal creation. Join in the “Walk With White Wall” event, an immersive expedition complemented the elixir of ANTDAY’s bespoke coffee – a blend concocted expressly for this spectacle. Ravel amidst diverse artworks while indulging in the aromatic allure of this exceptional brew, an essence reminiscent of tranquility akin to serene rocks nestled in nature’s embrace. This event will not only take place on the exhibition’s opening day, but will continue on Saturdays 27 January, 3rd and 10th February 2024 from 2.00 - 3.30 PM, inviting all to partake in this unprecedented art-viewing experience curated by the unmistakable imprint of White Wall along with the artist-led walkthroughs, delving deeper into the essence of these captivating exhibits!

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