Various Artists


3 - 28 Febuary 2024

LOST Exhibition explores the concept of death and suffering and its connection to various social problems that are often hidden underneath the surface. Through the works of emerging artists, the exhibition seeks to shed light on these issues and provoke a reconsideration and understanding among society. By presenting paintings, sculptures, and installations, the artists aim to convey their unique perspectives on the emergence, existence, and cessation of ephemeral truths that impact human lives. The exhibition will tackle topics such as inequality, mental health, environmental degradation, and cultural identity, providing a platform for young artists to share their views and engage the public in meaningful dialogue.

** Opening Reception Saturday Feb 3rd 6:00 - 8:00 PM **

Group exhibition
Antonin Brinda
Chayood Ngamekudomphong
Panipan Chanviboon
Sirawit Chatu
Pimnara Thanakornwat
Gib Pannaporn
Chunyanut Thanakornwat
Nathaniel Pick
Ratcha Ninthanom
Mun Jaima
Apilak Umnueysuk

Sound art and DJ
- Medulla Spinalis
- Sutiphong Sudsang

6060 arts space pradipat 21,
Phayathai bangkok
fb: 6060 Arts Space

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