Alexandra Polyakova


6 - 29 Apr 2024

Do we live simply in one world—the world we see around us?

There may be other worlds, alternative realities, somewhere very close by...

The photography exhibition explores the dynamic relationship between landscape and architecture through the lens of photography. It showcases how these two elements intertwine to create unique and captivating environments that shape our experiences and perceptions of space.

The exhibition is the result of a decade-long journey across different continents. Through a carefully curated selection of photographs, the project endeavors to capture the beauty, complexity, and diversity of landscapes sometimes juxtaposed by architectural interventions. It reflects on how local culture and climate influence landscape showcasing the contrast between urban and natural contexts, as well as the interplay of materials, weather, and atmospheric conditions in each setting.

The presence of a figure in the photos serves to provide scale to the surrounding landscape. However, the gender or even the humanity of the figure remains ambiguous. It conveys a sense of something divine or ethereal, gazing out into the vast expanse of the landscape. This figure symbolizes the dual nature of humanity's relationship with nature—both as conquerors and as vulnerable beings in the face of its power.

“MAGNITUDE" showcases the beauty and complexity of our built environment, this exhibition seeks to inspire reflection, appreciation, and dialogue about the spaces we inhabit and the ways in which they are shaped by human creativity and ingenuity.

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