Pat Yingcharoen


23 Dec 2023 - 13 Jan 2024

“Or actually the ambition of a man who breaks a sacred rule that has never been infringed by anyone

might be a reflection of quintessence of human nature — desiring for freedom, against the hard power and bonds

even though we may be aware of what we expect will become a curse and can return a disaster to us”.

In 2014 after coup d’etat that taken over by National Council for Peace and Order for a short period of time. The vulnerable topics regarding the definition of military government had spread widely and complicated which was directly affected the freedom of speech. At that moment, while the artist Pat Yingcharoen was a student, he had tried creating his paintings through the composing pictures about history which were not completely related but combined together. The artworks of Pat Yingcharoen could thus make a communication about the vulnerable and hardly criticized topics more freely. From the initial demonstrations that had developed to be more exquisite and elaborate until it accordingly became these art series Apocalypse, Myth, Sacred Punishment, Celebration of Flesh and Blood, La Tragedia, Obscurum, Blue Rhapsody till the current work which is Montage

"Montage", The 6th solo exhibition with the return of Thai and internationally recognized artist Pat Yingcharoen The return of this exhibition easily can be designated as “Editing, patching and overlapping pictures”. In this point, it is not the exhibition that aims to present as the past 5 exhibitions did. This exhibition is comparatively a retrospective and a review to find a conclusion of his paintings’ processes for the last decade. It can define as a composing scraps of history that have been vanished from their eras for many years to be awakened from death in order to convey certain forbidden matters which haven’t been honorably told from mouth to mouth of living people. On the other hand when it has gone past the creator, each art piece will still have to go on to be seek for the meaning of its life and create a conversation that will remain in the memories of those who come to see it.

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