No Wall

Wisit Techasirikosol


1 - 25 Febuary 2024

No Wall: An Artistic Exploration of Redefining Societal Boundaries

James (Wisit Techasirikosol) stands as a contemporary artist, a native of the vibrant heart of Bangkok, yet his artistic spirit finds its sanctuary in the province of Nakhon Sri Thammarat. While his craft aligns with the abstracts, his artistic tapestry unfolds in a manner that distinguishes itself from the conventional abstract artists. His focus lies not merely in the representation of external aesthetics but delves into the intricate realm of internal emotions, painted with the brushstrokes of improvisation. His oeuvre, however, draws similarities with conceptual art. It weaves together a meticulous series of thoughts, a grand notion that contemplates societal intricacies and the world that envelops our existence. James uncovers the layers of factors that dictate the human journey, the very tapestry of cultural customs and the weave of social power His work transcends into the domain of experimenting with nature, and it resonates with the alchemical transformations of artistic mediums, whether they be the palette of colors or the chemistry of mixed pigments. It is through these experiments that he crafts an abstract masterpiece, each line, shape, and hue bearing witness to the profound narratives he passionately presents.

In his latest solo exhibition, “No Wall”, James’s inspiration unfurls from the diverse forms of walls encountered during his global travels. He perceives these walls as vessels of profound significance, each carrying a story of grandeur and the relentless struggle of empires. Some may have risen to shield and obscure the inner world, preventing external gazes from penetrating or understanding, while others served as veils to mask the creator’s own fears. At times, they are intricately intertwined with the towering beliefs of religion. And in the same breath, these walls are also a testament to the labor, sweat, life, and death of countless souls throughout history.

The artist also sees that the essence of building walls resides within humans from a young age. He observes children, and even his own offspring, as they construct fortifications in their playful games, mirroring these miniature structures. The children who build walls based on instincts or to foster their development reflect the essence of wall construction, a concept that evolves with each individual’s perspective, outlook, or even their aspirations as they grow into adulthood.

He also drew inspiration from the track “Another Brick In The Wall” from the album “The Wall” (1979) by Pink Floyd, an English progressive rock band. The song poignantly reflects the oppressive power of the state, grinding down and diminishing the individuality of the people until they become just another brick on the wall, indistinguishable from the rest.

James distilled these thought-provoking concepts into a remarkable abstract artwork, presented as an artistic testament to the essence of ‘being a wall’. Though a fusion of lines, shapes, and vibrant colors, he masterfully experiments with his unique artistic alchemy.

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