Nocturnal Lumina

Various Artists


29 Oct - 10 Dec 2023

Nocturnal Lumina
The light gleamed in the dark.

No affirmation whether... in that dark shadow, it's empty.
In a place devoid of any shining light, there are still stories hidden.
In the abyss of obscure feelings, there is hope waiting to be seized.
In the dark realm behind closed eyelids... filled with characters from fleeting memories.
Sometimes darkness might just be a path to step back or the starting point of enlightenment, shining.
It depends on the perception and decisions made at that moment.

Nocturnal Lumina - Illumination in the dark shadow is an art exhibition featuring 10 Thai artists:
Keeyapat Katesawai,
Chaiyot Jindagun,
Nattee Sujithara,
Therdkiat Wangwatcharakul,
Tarntara Sudadung,
Thanwa Huangsmut,
Nym Tanimporn,
Niam Mawornkanong,
Ronnachai Kitisakasin, and
Poom Pechavanish.

These 10 artists present multifaceted stories from various perspectives in the shadows - feelings of love, hope, happiness, sorrow, future, past, fears, courage, and intriguing elements that invite viewers to imaginatively explore without end.

The dim shadow that fades away might be darker than what's visible, or within that dark shadow could lie the background of ongoing life stories...

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