Ordinary People

Akkara Naktamna


27 Jul - 14 Sep 2024

"Ordinary People"
A solo exhibition by Akkara Naktamna
Curator : Apirak Wichaicharoen
Kathmandu Photo Gallery
(Only Tue, Thu, and Sat)

Between 27 July - 14 September 2024
[Opening Sat 27 July 6.30 - 9.00 PM]

By searching for photos of ordinary people using simple prompts, I got images resembling ID photos from various parts of the world and cultures. These images were eerily normal, as if AI had pulled them from a drawer without altering anything, suggesting the existence of pre-existing data.

These photographic images were converted by AI into text and fed them back into AI to investigate the identities, origins, and lives of these individuals. The results were unusually serene and beautiful, as if AI were creating a utopian digital world, characterized by optimism, mutual support, and a conflict-free existence. This seemed like a system-imposed, one-sided thinking, devoid of diversity and strangely surreal, akin to a nation where people are brainwashed to believe in the supreme ruler's policies.

About the Artist
Akkara Naktamna
, a photo artist and curator, explores contemporary social changes, art, and technology. His photography has been featured in numerous festivals, and as a curator, he has selected photographic works for various exhibitions, including "Interpreters" at MOCA and "Photography Never Lies" at BACC. This exhibition marks his third solo show at Kathmandu Photo Gallery.

About the Curator
Apirak Wichaicharoen
, born in 1972 in Bangkok, Thailand, holds a bachelor's degree in art history and a master's degree in museum management and art conservation. He is a recognized curator and writer in the fields of art and culture. With expertise in integrating technology with art conservation, he has collaborated with many artists and researchers to present innovative interpretations of art and culture. He has authored numerous academic articles on art conservation and the use of technology in museum management and serves as a lecturer on art management at various educational institutions.

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