Xspace Art Hall Vol.3 - “Patani Abstract”

Patani Artspace Collectives


11 Nov 2023 - 29 Feb 2024

Curator: Anuwat Apimukmongkon (Jane)

Artists: Anuwat Apimukmongkon (Jane) / Esuwan Chali (Wang) / Jehabdulloh Jehsorhoh (Jeh) / Kameelah I-lala (Kamee) / Korakot Sangnoy (Korn) / Muhammadsuriyee Masu (Yee) / Muhammadtoha Hayiyusoh (Toha) / Nordiana Beehing (Diana) / Pichet Piaklin (Pichet) / Wiroon Janthong (Aof)

Humans are born with senses that allow them to perceive the world around them. These senses include vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. However, the most important aspect of human perception is the ability to receive spiritual, emotional, and intellectual influences, which are abstract and unformed. Just like abstract art, these influences are deep and complex, requiring experience and common sense to understand.

The artists of Patani Abstract aim to convey their inner selves through their artwork, expressing thoughts, emotions, experiences, dreams, memories, and intentions. They seek to communicate the essence of these abstract concepts in a way that transcends physical appearance, inviting the audience to connect with the core of these ideas on a deeper level.

Through their art, the artists convey the richness and diversity of life in Pattani, a region with a unique cultural heritage. By exploring the abstract nature of human experience, they hope to create a dialogue between the artist and the audience, one that is both spiritual and emotional.

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