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In Pursuit of Modern

Alexandra Polyakova


28 October 2023

What is the image of contemporary Bangkok? Most likely, the first visions are personalized collages of skyscrapers, traditional shop-houses fused with street food vendors. In an attempt to understand the city and its vibrations, we have to look to the past, at the beginnings of the urban‘NICE’zation, and we wonder: are we missing something in our imaginary collages? What is the cultural legacy that followed the principles of the Modern era? How can we understand the buildings and spaces designed before the metaverse? What values do they carry and how are they adapting to the rapidly changing context?

Exploring the objects built in the second half of the 20th century, we are interested in the encounter between the Modern movement and the local, tropical context. This project celebrates the ‘outdated’ modern legacy, trying to capture glimpses of these charming structures before they fade away. A selection of notable modernist buildings in Bangkok along Charoen Krung Road (in the China Town area) will be the subject of the unique, limited and handmade prints. The subject might be a view from the street, a detail of the façade, or a specific design element that defines the identity of the building.

Participants will learn the principles of lino print and how to produce a simple artwork. The workshop includes a brief presentation of the linocut technique, followed by a session of tutorials. The participants will be guided through the whole creation process from the selection of the subject, motif development, to carving and printing.

Fee: 200 THB / person
The fee includes workshop materials, lunch (German style street food) and isn’t refundable.

For more information: https://www.goethe.de/ins/th/en/ver.cfm?event_id=25086291

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