Somewhere Only We Know

‘Hongtae’ Konthorn Taecholarn


15 Mar - 21 Apr 2024

River City Bangkok proudly presents the exhibition “Somewhere Only We Know”. This solo exhibition marks the debut of the highly talented artist, ‘Hongtae’ Konthorn Taecholarn, also known as “Art of Hongtae”. With extraordinary artistic prowess, Hongtae invites viewers on a voyage into a realm that is part reality, part dream, part joy, and part sorrow – the enigmatic world of the ‘Cloud Heads’ characters born from the depths of his heart.

“The Cloud Heads”are beings with heads made of cloud tufts. They never real their faces because they don’t want anyone to see, and they have clouds shrouding their expressions to keep their feelings hidden. He drifts freely with the wind, aimless, untethered, and directionless, akin to tiny jellyfishes dancing on the sweet-colored clouds at the sea of sweetness.

If someone were to ask, “Are the Cloud Heads lonely?” Oh, loneliness indeed! Everyone experiences loneliness at some point. Loneliness emerges in moments devoid of love, yet it can also flourish in the midst of love. Loneliness may find itself in the bustling secondhand market where people haggle, or it may linger silently on quiet rooftops just as the sun slips away beneath the sky.

And on that rooftop,
He discovers he isn’t the only Cloud Head in this world.
Yet, she too, is a Cloud Head, just like him.

The exhibition “Somewhere Only We Know” not only marks the inaugural solo showcase of Art of Hongtae and the Cloud Heads, but also unveils 5 characters in the endless cosmos of Cloud Heads, including the Cloud-Headed Man, Cloud-Headed Woman, Cloud-Headed Dog, and even the Black and White Cats, through 66 captivating paintings and monumental sculptures exceeding 3 meters in height. Lined up in a mysterious sequence, they form a kaleidoscope of memories, silently echoing the enigmatic realm of hidden reminiscences. It’s as if the canvases narrate the untold stories of unconventional poets, weaving tales of relationships and non-relationships in the intimate space of the unregulated.

Art of Hongtae aspires to paint this bittersweet canvas in hopes that this sweetly melancholic universe will evoke a unique and intimately personal sense, one that only the observers themselves can truly comprehend.

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