Space, Time, Place

Federico Puggion


7 - 30 Oct 2023

Looking beyond the state of the things.

When a personal view translates into a photographic medium, the space stops to be portrayed how it is, but it becomes a medium to project freely our own vision. It becomes a set of suggestive images, liminal borders of a private reality.

The collection proposes to overtake the objective vision of the space, looking for an added value for its image. The built environment is the starting point of the narration, not the arrival one: the space, the time, the place blends in the urban scenario, a theatre where tragedy and comedy of life interplay together.

The Space
The images of architecture and cities can exist within a wide iconographic range. Shifting from the cold and objective representations until the most extreme manipulation of colours and shapes, our era allows an extended creative, representative, iconographic mystifying possibility. 

In this fluid sea, are there any borders able to define the essence of a spatial experience?

The Time
My view pushed myself to go beyond the third dimension and try to grasp the fourth one, the space. Where the space transcends and ties itself to something that escapes from the Cartesian representation and the paper or the screen, and aims to touch the passing of the time within the human existence, the life.

"In my opinion, only a relationship which touches the essence of the time can be real”. 

Mies Van Der Rohe

The Place
The human life’s existence, goes on in infinite places – either we want it or not: the place is the theatre of the human life. Within the contradictions presence in these diverse theatres (made by the man or not, defined by the finest constructive details, by the popular knowledge, or by an anonymous built texture), the existence goes beyond, manifesting itself in a place. So, the images aim to highlight the personal relationships present between the stage and the actors of the various theatres.

The collection Space, Time, Place.
The collection represents the interplay of spaces, times, places in the human experience at the local, urban or broader scale. 

In space, there’s a focus on the materiality: shapes and consistence of the built are highlighted. In time, the time emerges as a passing of time, but also as the use, the abandonment, the possible, the uncertain which lies within a space. In place, each reality is portrayed in a precise personal moment of appropriation.

All of the three topics are intertwined in a personal realism that starts from the state of the things, stops-by silently for a moment looking at something, and proceed anywhere else, in the undefined and private wander which is our life.

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