Stages & Screenings

Stages & Screenings

Spanish Film Festival 2023

A Panorama of Horror and Intrigue Films


30 Oct - 4 Nov 2023

The Spanish Embassy in Bangkok, in collaboration with the Thai Film Archive presents the third edition of the Spanish Film Festival (2023). On this occasion, showing an overview of contemporary Spanish cinema of horror and intrigue genre.

At the Festival, six films will be shown in their original version in Spanish, with subtitles in Thai and English, one film each day, between October 30th and November 4th: movies that had great success and were very well received by the public.

A selection, designed for the public to enjoy the good intrigue and horror films made in Spain. Free admission!

For the first day, Monday 30 October, tickets must be booked through this link: https://shorturl.asia/CPZ6O
This ticket includes the attendance to the opening ceremony (6pm) and the screening of the film (7pm) "The Devil's Backbone" by Guillermo del Toro.

Festival programme

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