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Stages & Screenings

Spirit House Open House

by People of Ari x Uninspired by Current Events with interactive performance by AT Theatre


27 Jan - 11 Feb 2024

Spirit House Open House is a collaboration between People of Ari and the Thai online political art sensation 'Uninspired by Current Events,' a 3D graphic artist who cleverly satirizes Thailand's daily affairs through quirky, symbolic 3D art. This installation partially transforms the Yellow Lane building, formerly a home of one of Thailand's prime ministers and military generals, in Ari Soi 1 into a scaled-up Thai spirit house. It includes various supersized offerings and decorations, serving as a medium to explore iconic Thai objects and provide a brief introduction to the culture around guardian spirits, along with some playful commentary on how this culture reflects on Thai society today.

During the weekend, the exhibition unfolds into an interactive performance by AT Theatre. Attendees can step into the role of guardian spirits as the temporary owner of this spirit house. Participants have the unique opportunity to experience the magical lives of these powerful spirits, including the chance to give out lottery numbers and bestow blessings (or curses) upon the residents. However, even as mystical beings, managing a household comes with its challenges and uncontrollable factors. How will the new owner navigate these complexities?

Join us for an unforgettable weekend as we invite everyone to partake in this unique 'open house' —a celebration that transcends dimensions and offers a unique perspective on the essence of Thai culture!

Performance Dates
Sat 27 January, 19.30
Sun 28 January, 15.00
Sat 3 February, 15.00, 19.30
Sun 4 February, 15.00
Sat 10 February, 15.00, 19.30
Sun 11 February, 15.00

Performance Tickets
Early Bird - 777 THB
( available only for 27-28 January shows and can be purchased until 13 January)
Regular - 888 THB
At Door - 999 THB

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