Stages & Screenings

Stages & Screenings

Street Food Theatre


4 - 10 April 2024

Embark on a flavorful journey at Street Food Theatre. Dive into the heart of Bangkok’s old town, transforming every nook and alley into a vibrant scene of aromatic art. This isn’t just a feast for the eyes and ears; it’s an opportunity to taste the drama, brought to life in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Office, the Contemporary Art Promotion Fund, the Ministry of Culture, and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

From 4-10 April 2023, join us at @26BraisedBeef for an immersive cultural adventure through street food and site-specific performances, enriched by a live sound map.

Registration opens at 17:30, with departures at 18:00, 18:30, & 19:00. Expect an hour-long journey through culinary delights and everyday stories, creating connections between people, the city, and its communities. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, don’t miss out on this unique blend of art and life!

1. Registration “26Braised Beef”

2. Hok(Sixth) Wooden Bridge

3. Small Alley in Soi Prayasri

4. Somtum Pa(Auntie)Orn by the Lord Canal

5. IM En Ville

6. Street Food Cart along Feungnakorn Street

7. Mussels Pancake Cart(Hoi-Tod) at Prang Puthorn

8. Seree Restuarant

9. Prang Puthorn Community Court

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