The Symphony of Chroma Chiaroscuro

Thanwa Huangsamut


20 Jun - 28 Jul 2024

The exhibition showcases vibrant paintings akin to a symphony of the awakening spirits' compositions. Brushstrokes on canvas sharply depict life's existence akin to sculpted monuments witnessing the essence of existence. With love and reverence for nature, women, animals, and flora, all elements are arranged meticulously through excellent artistic skills to celebrate the harmony of life.

Thanwa Huangsamut pays homage to femininity through his paintings. These reveal graceful figures, women in comfortable and dignified poses, powerful yet tender. Body language exudes confidence, eyes reflecting instant responses to the viewers.

Why do these women appear nude and alluring? Artists often respond to this question with a smile, stating it is because they sense the unique physical beauty of humanity. It is an endless lesson in diversity, reminiscent of the Renaissance or the revival of art and science periods (c.14 -15), where the human form was widely studied through nude drawings, revealing the truth of the body. Similarly, Thanwa depicts young women from within, adding muscles, skin tones, soft shadows, creating complete beauty that satisfies the artist without the need for clothing.

In Europe during the Renaissance, there was a valuable concept called "Chiaroscuro," a process of creating volume in paintings through varying light values between darkness and light. This technique was used to create influential paintings of women transcending eras, such as "The Virgin of the Rocks" (c. 1483-86) or "Mona Lisa" (c.1503 - 06) by Leonardo da Vinci and "Girl with a Pearl Earring" (1665) by Vermeer. Similarly, in the series "The Symphony of Chroma Chiaroscuro," Thanwa has employed Chiaroscuro techniques in his works. However, he does not present the contrast of light and shadow to contextualize the paintings; instead, he challenges himself by emphasizing the weight of specific color shades, highlighting warm tones' vibrancy and cool tones' heavy feel, juxtaposing intense emotions with deep melancholy. The bold contrast of intersecting color weights highlights the beauty of each color pair, captivating viewers with their brilliance.

The weight of the colors that settle still creates a volumetric effect on the canvas, resembling low-relief sculpture. The harmoniously coordinated difference is akin to a symphony that a poet composes with profundity, resonating with power.

Under a balanced color tone atmosphere, Thanwa's paintings stand out with lifelike surface textures, achieved not through blending light and dark colors but through thick layers of color. For instance, the skin texture of women with flesh tones, the smooth fur of hairless cats, short and long fur on animals, the rugged skin of amphibious animals. The drawing of color lines to resemble the fine threads of high-quality fabric, the weathered skin of ornamental animal heads, the shadows of thick glazed tiles, the soft wings of butterflies, the delicate petals of flowers, the rugged slabs of stone, the carved wood texture, the polish of metal, the shimmering fabric, or the lustrous jewel. Besides the colors that evoke a sense of realism, Thanwa also interjects a transcendent quality into the colors of his paintings with joy, stirring emotions, for example, the emerald green sky, the crimson hues of flora, the iridescent blue atmosphere, and the pinkish-purple hues of orchid petals, gleaming gold, and antique bronze colors, and more. These details go beyond imagination, merging rhythmically and luxuriously to appeal to the senses.

In his early forties, Thanwa creates his art with discipline, allocating time for his artwork as rigorously as he does for life. Art is a record of his best life experiences. He constantly explores, learns, never takes shortcuts in his work. Each piece begins with hand-drawn sketches on paper, refining them to ensure they are well-balanced before adding colors with certainty. Then, the painting process begins. His artwork is created with high concentration and meticulous planning.

"...I have never stopped drawing because I do it with love. When we do thing that we love, we are happy and can do it all the time..." - Thanwa Huangsamut, Artist

The Symphony of Chroma Chiaroscuro
Solo Exhibition by Thanwa Huangsmut
20 June - 28 July 24
The opening ceremony is on 20th June 2024 from 5 PM onward. on 2nd floor of Joyman Gallery, Bangkok. The exhibition is on view from 20th June to 28 July 2024.

Curated and Written by Podduang Charoen

information provided by event organizer