The Temple of Venus and Cosmic Serpent

Yujin Lee


27 Jan - 24 Mar 2024

The earth is a dancing serpent.
Every breath is a reconfiguration.
Every move is a prophecy.
The head bites the tail and it swivels
Like the changing seasons.
Only until...

The Temple of Venus and Cosmic Serpent hosts totemic images, sounds, objects, and movements built upon a site-specific installation laid out in four colors–black, white, green, and red. Its fissures and portals carry stories of repentance that allude to folk art, animism, shamanism, taoism, and buddhism. The Temple is conceived out of an indicative circumstance from two years ago, when the artist killed a snake on the day of her third anniversary of living on Jeju Island.

Two and three
Three and two
Five is the magic number

The island is a great teacher that inspires gathering, meditation, healing, humor, care, and magic to be shared amongst human and non-human life. Two emblematic practices of such a way of life on the island are I Ching and kintsugi, which are prominently featured in The Temple. Taken as both an everyday activity and a mystical artistry, they offer an auspicious method of treatment for the wounds inflicted upon ourselves and the world.

The Temple is open until the week of the spring equinox (March 20, 2024), a juncture when night and day are of equal length. Like the vulva that bleeds and heals–like the serpent’s ecdysis, enter The Temple, ready to shed the harmful parasites and bacteria, ready to breathe and dance for cosmic liberation, from the river to the sea.

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