Time Lapse

Jhatuchoti Limpachoti (Jeep)


17 - 30 Jun 2024

Please visit the art exhibition "Time Lapse"
Collection of more than 50 paintings by the artist "Jeep, Jhatuchoti Limpachoti "
From 5 solo performances in the last 12 years

Mr. Jeep studied design. Started working in creative advertising. and has been an illustrator for more than 20 years. He turned to Fine art in 2012.

In 2014, he performed fantasy works, both physical and digital. Therefore, it is the origin of the name of the work "The hybrid concept artist"

In 2018, it took 4 years to create "RAMA Nouveau". He brought classical literature Thai Ramayana meets Art Nouveau, the most popular Western art from 1890-1905. and continues to create other concept works such as "The beauty of existence"

In 2019, he presented an environmentally friendly perspective: "The earth and The world." or " ดาวโลกกับชาวโลก " focuses on ideas to make humans aware of the use of resources. and the creation of pollution that affects other living things on earth. and continues to create other concept works such as "Animals revolution"

In 2022, he turned his focus to drawing the anatomy of people he was especially skilled at. Created a work called "Figurative Obsession" in many ways. Both Fantasy art, Character Art and Appropriation art.

Year 2024, Art Character born named "Maprang", a confident woman who represents him. Get excited about various ideas in a way Semi-Abstract and also "น้อง Alfa" Representative of the new generation with "น้อง Magnetti", a young girl with magnetic powers added as well.

See all the works on the ICON Art & Culture Space fl.8, ICONSIAM
17-30 June

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