Train Song



27 Jan - 6 Apr 2024

VS Gallery proudly presents Train Song, a solo art exhibition by Ubatsat that will open a new perspective on life, through story of traveling by international public transportation. This show will reflect human nature in aspects of hope and fear which are presented through two-parted exhibition, like two movement of a song. The first part tells the story of journey about traveling, the second tells what waits us at the destination.

In Train Song part 1 : the journey, Ubatsat uses a long and colorful abstract painting to portray the hope of building the Kunming-Singapore high-speed rail line, that connects the way of life, economy, and society of people in the ASEAN countries and China together. The artist has taken inspiration from the unique woven patterns of Southeast Asia culture, which are composed from colorful silk threads (reminding us the history of the Silk Road that connected people from different continents in the past two thousand years ago) paired with the color stripes which are derived from the photographic experience toward each location of train station, then Ubatsat arranged these color stripes together into an abstract image that simulate the visual experience when audience sit in the high-speed vehicle, filled with the joy of freedom.

The second part of the exhibition called the destination will present opposite perspectives about traveling across countries. As public transportation brings many strangers into the new area, its society has invented tools to screen and limit the freedom of fellow humans, to achieve the goal of public safety. Ubatsat created a quarantine hall room inspired by two real-life events : one was his experience traveling abroad to open his own art show, which he ended up being detained in an airport immigration interrogation room for several hours before being sent back to their own country and the second events is the situation in Thailand during the COVID-19 outbreak when construction workers were forced to quarantine themselves in worker shelter made of galvanized steel boards all day, which is extremely uncomfortable during the daytime. Ubatsat creates a large-size room of galvanized metal walls and ultraviolet light for disinfection, along with audio news that tells the history of terrorists which gives the audience an experience of being forced to play the role of a suspect in stranger society.

The Train Song by Ubatsat (curated by Voravuj Sujjaporamest) will be exhibited at VS Gallery in N22 art community, Soi Narathiwat 22. From 27 January to 6 April 2024 with an opening ceremony on Saturday, 27 January at 5:00 p.m.

About the artist

Ubatsat (born 1980) is a Thai artist who live and work in Chiang Mai.

The name “Ubatsat” is the pseudonym of an activist-artist. He graduated a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts and a master's degree from the Faculty of Humanities, Department of Philosophy and Religion. Chiang Mai University and Ph.D., Doctor of Buddhist Studies Program Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Chiang Mai Campus. Ubatsat has always prioritized group work processes which focuses on building understanding for people in situations of oppression or experiencing crises. His creative process brought collaborations among people from many different fields, from farmers, craftsmen, musicians, chefs, specialists and even the audiences. He also emphasize on creating a space where everyone can participate and interact and drive various activities that are desirable in a democratic society.

Recently, Ubatsat's work was displayed at the Thailand Biennale Chiangrai 2023 art festival (shown at the Mekong Civilization Museum Mae Fah Luang University Chiang Rai Province)

VS Gallery would like to thank Voraprat Kharanant for his support of content to this exhibition.

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