Which Way Out?

Laurent Caizergues


26 Apr - 6 Jun 2024

Bangkok based new artist, Laurent Caizergues, started his journey into painting in 2020.

Originally a DJ and been into the electronic music scene for decades, the covid pandemic brought him through lonely and questioning times.

The need for creation went too strong so he naturally turned to abstract painting, using acrylic on canvas.

The magic of abstract painting is that there is no specific knowledge or requirement for either the viewer or the creator. All is about the feelings, the emotions.

His time spent in the nightlife influences his creations as a sarcastic point of view of this world, which is an interesting mirror of our individualistic society, where “ego” is the key word.

As an escape, Laurent’s inspiration comes from his search for the inner self; the idea is to get lost in shapes and colors and find a way out of it through lights and shadows.

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