Art for Air

Alisa Chunchue and Surajate Tongchua

Numthong Art Space will host an exhibition of Art for Air in collaboration with the Art for Air project, which is the Breath Council's collaboration with a network of artists from various fields in Chiang Mai province and the upper north provinces of Thailand. In addition to artists who are interested in environmental issues, these artists express, communicate, and reflect on environmental issues through their works for everyone to realize and participate in propelling future efforts to solve environmental problems.

The current environmental issues are not limited to one region of Thailand. They affect the entire country. As a result, Numthong Art Space would like to be a part of opening up space and creating a platform for artists to express and share their feelings through this exhibition in order to raise awareness of environmental issues such as dust pollution in the Bangkok area.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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