Khwām Cheụ̄̀x (Belief)

88TGU (Treetana veeraprapan)

Because I believe, there are no questions.

From an academic document, it was concluded that “Belief means thinking, understanding and accepting, respecting, believing in something without any reason to support or proof. Some may have sufficient evidence to prove it or there may be no evidence to prove its truth.”

In history, beliefs anchor of the human mind in all societies and cultures. From the artist’s experience of having been an ordained monk, the artist noticed something and questions the nature of faith; the physical or tangible existence of a belief that can be proven. Since it is not concrete, where does the word “bonding” come from ? Or maybe it's because Humans only want things that hold their minds for no reason and do not want to prove what we believe to be true? Or are they just myths?

Faith should go hand in hand with wisdom. The more you know, the stronger you must be. The more you don't believe, the more you prove. The more you look deeply, the more you see.

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