Amnaj Wachirasut

In Chroma, Amnaj Wachirasut explores the color palette in all its diversity and qualities. The colors used range from black and white, to bright red, to pastel. When Wachirasut works with colors, it is as if he orchestrated it. He simultaneously manages the colors as they appear on the surface. It is an ongoing process of consideration and adjustment using his personal sense to guide each color combination.

The higher the saturation, the more intense and purer the color. Adding white or black would soften or deepen it. Many colors are transparent, so I need to keep applying each layer on top of another to get the result I want. Many times, I add other hues to create a more complex gradient that will subtly appear in the finished work through different lightings. Some colors can be atmospheric creating depth through their reflective and shiny surface. I have been using lampblack for this effect, and in this series, ultramarine is also a good color to emphasize a gloss texture, explained Wachirasut, on his color and painting techniques.

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