Ekkarat Punyatara

The era of COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives of many people for ever, especially families who have lost their loved ones. In addition to the severity of the disease leading to the abrupt death without saying goodbye to loved ones and economic losses without proper compensation, Government’s public health measures to limit infection ordered Thai citizens to reduce the cremation time of the deceased to only a short duration, while It was originally considered a ritual to help the survivor adjust to the loss of loved one. So it was more difficult for the family of the deceased to cope with the suffering of the loss than any periods before.

Ekkarat Punyatara is an artist who is interested in social phenomena and their impact on people. He contacted the family of the deceased and lead to the art exhibition CLOSURE, in which the artist has asked the survival members of family to write a farewell letter to the deceased and express the remaining feelings in their hearts. The artist also took pictures of the area in the house that is a favorite corner of the deceased. A space where only close people at home could remember them as they really are. This exhibition reveals the value of lives of many people that have been overlooked after the era of the pandemic has passed.

"Closure" a contemporary photograph exhibition by Ekkarat Punyatara will display at VS Gallery from 21 January to 2 April. The opening ceremony will take place on Saturday 21 January, 4PM.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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