Compilation by POD ART

Curated by Mai Wongsawasdi

POD ART, also known as Thanachai Ujjin or Pod Moderndog, extends an invitation to art and music enthusiasts for his solo exhibition titled "Compilation", commemorating a decade of excellence in creativity, and showcasing a captivating assortment of abstract art pieces. Curated by Mai Wongsawasdi, this exhibition draws inspiration from a musical structure, paying homage to the artist's significant influence on Thailand's music industry.

Compilation unveils artistic development of POD ART through abstract artworks, organized into eight sections reflecting different song elements—Intro, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Verse 2, Bridge, Solo, and Outro.

Be sure to catch the laid-back weekend event, where you can unwind while appreciating art and music. Stay tuned!

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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