Decoding Thainess

Museum Siam

Museum Siam presents new exhibition, the new permanent exhibition. In the name "Decoding Thainess" to take everyone to learn. Development of "Thainess" from past to present. From a social context that changes with age. Through exhibitions with exotic forms of presentation such as mixed media technology, Thai national development story. The living kitchen will take you to the story of Thai food through motion graphics. And virtual classroom In the past, the classroom.

The newly revamped Museum Siam is hosting its new permanent exhibition,

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The Decoding Thainess, which features 14 exhibition zones that leads to exploring all aspects of Thainess and its constant evolution from the past to present. Encompassing historical, architectural, traditional, culinary and clothing perspectives among others, the exhibition is impressively presented by using advanced technology and unconventional storytelling method that suit today’s needs of people and their media consumption behaviors. It also encourages visitors to think further and concentrates on making more active interactions with visitors in order that they can enjoy and be amazed by the whole spectrum from the beginning to the end of the exhibition.  

The Decoding Thainess exhibition is different from others. It has been designed to be unique in terms of content development and storytelling through the use of modern museum media we are familiar with and can be commonly seen today. It inspires visitors to think further and connect themselves with the past. Interactive presentations at the exhibition also encourage visitors’ deeper immersion in activities and as a result create better understanding as well as an unusual museum experience with a perfect combination of knowledge sharing and fun.                            

The Decoding Thainess exhibition features 14 exhibition rooms

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