Dhamar Light 4.0

Pipop Boosarakumwadi

Pipop travel around the strange and interesting land both in Thailand and abroad, as well as exploring one’s body and mind with spirit and intuition from the phenomenon of the mind to access to the beauty of everything.

This set of works combines many sciences together, including photography, painting, digital art, gold leaf gilding together with light from light bulbs.

Take inspiration from ancient Buddha statues from 100 years old up to 1,250 years old, which are sculptures, as well as wall painting of master of ancient Thai craftsmanship and the exquisitely beautiful Lai Rod Nam (Thai Lacquer Works).

This piece of art is a conceptual art with various patterns and techniques suitable for Buddhas with large amount as sand in the ocean, along with contents of Buddhist philosophy and Buddha’s word aiming to provide the spectator with point of view and happiness from the artwork and experience the teachings of Buddha.

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