Echoes of the Past: An Exhibition of Antique Pianos and Persian Carpets

River City Bangkok and KACHA proudly present “Echoes of the Past: An Exhibition of Antique Pianos and Persian Carpets''. The pinnacle of elegance and sophistication, this showcase features six vintage pianos, each over a century old. Time has dulled neither the glamor and beauty of these instruments; rather, age has burnished their patina of heritage and gentility to a brilliance as irresistible to lovers of music and art as siren song. Take, for example, the Custom Painted Marionette Mini-Grand Piano, made in 1929. Originally designed for a child’s playroom, this rare collector’s piece gracefully intertwines state-of-the-art technology with hand-painted, Oriental-style finishings. Ethereal, engraved details not be outshone, the Victorian-era Steinway & Sons Rococo Grand Piano’s supple curves and polished veneer ripple like silk in the light. The most august member of the ensemble, the Custom Made Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Piano, comports with a dignity and authority befitting of its Victorian pedigree. Made in 1872, the instrument is a feat of unparalleled craftsmanship, finished in hand-carved walnut wood.

Kachacharn Dhammasarn, the founder of KACHA, an antiques store with two galleries on the 1st and 4th floor of River City Bangkok, is the curator of the first public exhibition of these six exquisite instruments, which are showcased alongside one of their few equals in craftsmanship and majesty: fourteen hand-woven Persian carpets, heirlooms of an ancient tradition of carpet-weaving passed down through generations of artisans, which belong to Viktor Bolliger, a famous collector. Needless to say, these rugs aren’t mere decorative items but priceless works of art that embody a rich artistic and cultural heritage.

Coming up! Piano performances by Dr. Eri Nakagawa and her students every Saturday of the month, at 4:30 PM on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of April 2023.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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