Pakpoom Silaphan

Art and culture have a long-standing relationship with each other, as they are interdependent. Culture is influenced by various environmental factors, which serve as the foundation for various forms of art, including the relationship with everyday objects. Different artists' concepts of beauty differ according to the methods of expression, forms, diversity, media, materials, and creative processes during a particular period of time.Pakpoom Silaphan chooses not to present his artwork on canvas or paper. Instead, he creates art through familiar objects that reflect his ideas, social conditions, and various contexts from his perspective as an artist. His work shows diversity through the fusion of materials, techniques, and concepts that challenge the limits of traditional art forms, and the use of famous historical figures that have become legends, creatively linked to found objects. For example, an old Louis suitcase engraved with the name of the polka-dot goddess Yayoi, a hanger engraved with the name of the late fashion king Karl Lagerfeld, a razor that reminds us of Hitler's mustache.

More than 50 found objects selected by Pakpoom for display in his private gallery convey the stories of the past through present reality, understanding, and appreciation of the objects he has collected for a long time. These objects have been transformed into artworks that express stories perceived from daily life. Pakpoom's unique way of presenting his artworks, which are humorous, playful, satirical, and ridiculed, opens up new perspectives that are unfamiliar to the audience.

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