Everybody Cries Sometimes

Crybaby Molly

Trendy Gallery, in collaboration with River City Bangkok, proudly presents "Everybody/Cries/Sometimes," an important solo exhibition by Crybaby Molly. This exhibition aims to prevent anyone from crying alone, as everyone has shed tears. You have cried, and so have I.

We have all experienced emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, depression, and pain. We have gone through various emotional states. However, because crying has often been interpreted as a symbol of weakness, we choose to conceal those emotions instead of accepting and dealing with them. But these sorrows do not simply fade away on their own. Each suppressed emotion creates an imbalance in our hearts, accumulating day by day. The pain we thought we had hidden well eventually overflows, just like the moments when we can no longer hold back our tears.

We may isolate ourselves from everyone in life, drowning in our own solitude. In doing so, we harm the souls of those around us, denying ourselves happiness and even rejecting love from others. All of this happens because we exhaust every possible means to avoid crying.

However, crying is a process that can instantly heal our souls. It plays a crucial role in helping us recover the shattered parts of ourselves. When we release those emotions along with the streaming tears, the heavy burden we used to carry starts to lighten.

Even if we have experienced immense sadness and shed tears deeply, in the end, it gradually fades away and transforms into mere understanding. We grow stronger, tougher, and eventually move past it.

Everybody cries sometimes… And so do I. So do you. So do we.

“Everybody/Cries/Sometimes”, Molly Crybaby’s landmark solo exhibition, plumbs the seething well of emotions beneath our friable public facades. Spanning paintings and sculptures, the selection of works in Crybaby’s signature style are showcased in RCB Galleria 1-3, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok, with free admission. For the show-stopping waterworks, the exclusive “The Insomniac” zone awaits on the floor below.

“The Insomniac Zone” is a sanctuary for everyone who has cried themselves to sleep, or laid awake in the darkness, trapped in an interminable gyre of thoughts until morning light. Here, they can cry in the company of other “Insomniacs” and a colossal Crybaby sculpture in a large room located in the RCB Artery, 1st floor of River City Bangkok. “The Insomniac Zone” ticket (450 THB) will equip visitors with a “No sleep” set– consisting of exclusive enamel pins and a pajama suit, worn into Crybaby’s room– and exclusive access to take photographs and shed all the tears they’ve been holding back in “The Insomniac Zone”.

Free Admission on the 2nd floor, 450 THB for The Insomniac Zone

Tickets can be purchased from 5 July 2023 onwards at Ticketmelon http://bitly.ws/KfNV

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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