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Pawarest (Doe) Choksaen

Job duties that cross the line into everyday life every atom of life be filled with production at all times in exchange for stability. That has no fixed essence as if it was the horizon that we have never reached seem to be a normal phenomenon. When the concept of stability is the core of life, being pushed into the burden of individual problems, problems we had never realized were problems gradually form a thought. This leads to some depressing attitudes both consciously and unconsciously. Those manifestations are explained through the language of the paintings by Pawarest Choksaen.

Observing the surroundings and ordinary stories in everyday life we perceive and the ones that reverse back to us are what connect us to other things that they had formed. Behaviors and the society around us are transformed into an aesthetic meaning, shown in unique paintings, reflecting the situation within a social space full of diversity. With his artistic process, is a hope is represented through the paintings. It also represents a way to reconcile emotional conflicts. From the real world that constantly erodes life, swim away, and escapes in order to create distance by capturing the moment of things that reflected his life. What he had encountered were recreated on canvas with a well-matched, vague, free flowing manner.

With the nature of the objects, people in the picture showing gestures in daily life, some of the space being left blank., the fact that he intentionally left it incomplete, the foreground background atmospheric structure elements flow infinitely as if they’re inviting us to imagine what we see, take part in fulfilling the dim future in motion. While these paintings on canvas that record daily life show how the artist is in search of finding a personal space and letting it all out, the paintings also urge, disrupt the perception, criticize what is happening in the society from close-up experience, revealing abnormalities hidden in normality.

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