Game Changers

Rudy Meyer

French neo-pop artist Rudy Meyer is revealing a collection of iconic portraits titled “Game Changers.”  These dark, yet poetic, artworks feature icons other global revolutionaries who have altered the landscape of human history.

Rudy delves deep into the concept of pop culture through an interplay of unique mediums. His process of destruction and re-shaping conveys a darker vision of popular art, transforming it into visual poetry. This neo-pop art series fuses acrylics, ink, spray paint, and multiple hand-pulled silk screen printing layers to deliver impactful imagery.

He believes perpetual travel and inspiration from global icons are fundamentals to his work and self, saying, “My education comes from traveling and learning from Game Changers. So, I wanted to make a series of portraits to immortalize this idea. I have always been deeply inspired by rebellious visionaries, world icons, and risk-takers from different cultures and backgrounds. They taught me ways of non-conformity and resiliency even in the darkest times.”

The iconic characters often appear multiple times in each artwork to represent the myriad layers to each individual’s personality: the failures and the successes, the dark and the bright sides.

Every figure represents the unconventionality and courage the artist has found inspiring in his art and life.

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