Golden Hour

JCCHR (Jidapha Chansiriphaphon)

Self-acceptance through nature leads to questioning that explores the depths of the mind by Artist Jidapha Chansiriphaphon (Jcchr). When everything disintegrates without restrictions, The artist has found freedom in the depths of her mind. Imaginary creatures and plants were talked about as representative of "freedom". Elements and contexts of nature are transfroms as part of the experimental process of questioning by the artist, connecting those feelings and tellings through artworks in the Surrealism style. Including light and color, Especially during the Golden Hour, and Symbolic of curvature obtained in the context of the Chrysanthemum, which is the artist's favorite plant as an inspiration that is ready to bloom and shines for an artist to discover herself.

Golden Hour is a period when the combination of sunlight and colors of the horizon converge, and the lighting conditions are spectacularly aesthetic and unique. When the sun is significantly near the horizon, The atmosphere filters out predominantly blue shades leaving only soft, warm hues. The rise and fall of the sunlight determine the Golden Hour, which is not clearly defined duration and varies according to many factors whether season, location, or temperature each year. It makes us all have our own Golden Hour period which varies according to the nature of each area. Discovering that time and embracing the aesthetic in her shades with peace of mind. Stepping through various external requirements leads to looking at oneself through nature in the way you are. That's true freedom to be found because all happiness in life initiates within the mind.

This exhibition is a space that would like audiences to question and explore each person's Golden Hour from the depths of their minds. Find the right moment when the sun makes an angle with the horizon in your mind until it becomes a 'hue' that belongs to you and brightly shines with exultation.

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