Hello Strangers

Krit Chantranet

Krit Chantranet's collection of works HELLO STRANGERS, spans over a decade and offers viewers a unique perspective on the human body as a space with a rich mythology and history. As a painter who observes contemporary life, Krit's artwork reflects the mystery of understanding ourselves as individuals, presenting his own story as an artist and inviting the audience to trace history through organized bodies that deviate from what we consider natural.

For those interested in critiquing and exploring power dynamics, class, and government, humor can serve as a powerful tool for expression. Humorous behavior, laughter, and caricature of human beings are complex emotional expressions that convey a range of implications, from joy and relaxation to embarrassment and resistance to power. Humans are unique in their ability to laugh, and humor can be used to demonstrate power, irony, and even resistance to authority.

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