Teema Rucksajit, Bongkojthip Bhirombhakdi, D-Jai Kosiyabong, Proudfa Suntiasvaraporn, Chanakarn Semachai and Naphat Sintrirat

HER. is an exhibition that gathers together six emerging Thai female artists. Rather than imposing restrictions or predefined themes, we invited artists to express themselves freely through their artwork.

Each artist explores different themes, delving into the world of dreams, imaginations, and the complexities of social constructs. D-Jai Kosiyabong examines the enigmatic nature of memories and the way we process language, deciphering them like puzzle pieces to shed light on their complexity. On the other hand, Chanakarn Semachai brings characters from her imagination to life to explore concepts of individuality. Naphat Sintrirat experiments with collaging to recreate memories of her grandmother's house. Bongkojthip Bhirombhakdi draws inspiration from recurring dreams and imaginations to depict tranquil nature-filled escapes while Proudfa Suntiasvarporn’s satirical artwork critiques the allure of capitalism and explores an escapist dream. Lastly, Teema Rucksajit's art reflects on the journey of rediscovering the "true/higher self," exploring the distinction between the physical and spiritual realms. Through their art, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, offering a space for contemplation, escape, or healing for the audience.

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