Human's Conciousness

Chatcharin Chuekonpeng

The consciousness of being a "human" sees and recognize many events in society through certain outcomes. until the question arises as to what factors caused those actions That instinct explores itself from the inside of the mind to the outside. Questioning why, from being a loving person, we have changed. Or the definition of humanity has a function of just arrogance as a sublime animal. considered to be highly intelligent. Calling other animals like beasts.

Those images became clearer. When encountering various problems that beset in life Feelings of pressure, pressure, struggles of life. The state of collapse of hope brings sorrow, gloom, depression, and discouragement from persisting in order to lead life to true happiness. Accumulated family problems piled up from surrounding stimuli. causing the light of happiness to begin to flicker Life must therefore be in the shadow of suffering. The eyes are constantly obscured by the degradation of society. Create a product of terrible history, violence, jealousy. And selfishness goes on like a never-ending poetic cycle.

It is not uncommon for human life to experience suffering and despair in these circumstances. On the other hand, it also serves as a reminder to record the experiences through the medium of art from state to state. The social truth is engraved on the canvas. The sensory experience is condensed through the overlap of various traces and textures from the senses. forming a terrifying distorted human form The colors hidden in the physical space from different parts. There is both a fiery bright side and a gloomy darkness all at once. It reflects the coexistence of two different states of emotion like suffering that is trapped in a painting. as if recording the history of emotional violence Create imperfections in relation to ideal beauty. However, ugliness and beauty both reflect and call on each other to learn from past mistakes, reminding us to always be conscious in our lives.

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