Shibari Art Exhibition Curated by Panu Boonpipattanapong

The meaning of “Impulse” is translated to Thai as “แรงกระตุ้น” (raēng kratun) which could means the impulse to return the heartbeat back to normal. On the other hand, the impulse could mean “The instinctive drive of feeling”. This impulse may be caused by external incentives. The incentive from touching by humans or objects. One of the objects that is used for impulsing feelings are ropes, those are used for complicated and unique tying, bonding and weaving called “Shibari”.

When we talk about “Shibari”, some people may think about torturing by tying for BDSM arousal like what we see in pornography but in reality, Shibari is something that could be more beyonds perceptions that people have about it. For some people, Shibari could be pleasurableness and the taste of different experiences while for some another, it could even means freedom or the emptiness of the pure consciousness.

This exhibition focuses on the impulse through art of Shibari which creates the rope bonding and identical weaving by 2 Shibari artists, Petcharada Pacharee, and Pakanat Rattanabangruay, and 5 guests who are photographing artists, Tom Potisit, Sophirat Muangkum, Tanapol Kaewpring, Pisut Srisuwan, and Nattapol Pattananithiboon, to recreate the identical art in their own styles through the knot and weaving of Shibari which is the sign of impulse and give it the free, limitless, and ruleless meaning.

Grand Opening Day: 10 June 2023
Workshop & Rope Jam Party: 17 June 2023
Ambient Day: 24 June 2023

For more information: 6060 Art Space

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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