In All My Remembrance

Knakorn Kachacheewa

“In all my remembrance” The quickly disappeared temporary nostalgic pictures, memories, rights and wrongs, sinfulness, love, and respect, unattached collaged portraits, and the face, hands, ears, and body parts interpreted in a confused structure, are directed to several positions of the picture. Looking through imperfections, tied together with ribbons. Stars, swallows, polka-dot balls, bells, trees, flowers, fruits, wrought irons, and other objects continuously weeping from superstitious and believes. The area is divided into positive, negative, and upside down spaces. Landscape of dawn, evening, and night time creates a disoriented period of time. A serene and still horizon determines a vanishing point from unpredicted shape into a future journey and forms the past that shapes the story as the collection of images.

About Artist
Knakorn Kachacheewa (1969) a contemporary artist who clearly emphasizes shapes, form, and bright colors. In the exhibition “In all my remembrance” of Knakorn, the artist tries to create the tracking of diversified “memories” from real life events, by distinctly visualizing from several “concepts” toward visual language.

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